Recessed Lighting Ontario CA 

Dominic Portesi give an excellent video about recessed lighting for your kitchen.  This is a must see video for all the technical aspects of designing recessed lighting. 

Dominic Portesi: Hello and welcome to Etherical Electrical where we believe in three principles, Honesty, Quality, and Value.  Our goal today is to give you an insight on kitchen recessed lighting so let’s get started. 

First I want to you to look at this little demonstration here.  Do you see the light bulb on the right hand side do you see the smaller one on the left hand side.  That one on the left is substantially smaller than one on the right. Although it would appear because the one on the left has grid lines above it, it makes it appear to be a lot smaller than what is now like right above the little light bulb.  You see the kitchen with the grid lines above head, but when they designed this in the 70’s and 80’s they didn’t take into the fact that grid lines make things shrink.  Make things look a lot smaller, let me prove this to you,

let’s take a measuring device right now and put it across the bottom light bulb that bottom light bulb is three inches let’s move that grid line up the measuring device, up I should say and you can see that’s three inches, also you look at them both again and they obviously appear to be two total different sizes.  Same thing with kitchens look at the kitchen here, it has grid lines on it, but lets eliminate those gridlines and lets add some recessed lighting and look what happens the kitchen will be twice the size.  It’s amazing how it transforms the kitchen.  This look at a before and after picture of that.   Do you see the one on the left and the one on the right just like the one on the  right just like the light bulb on the left and the on the right one looks a lot smaller than the other grid line overhead makes the other grid line overhead make things look a lot smaller we’ll take a look at another kitchen here and let’s look at the before and after here’s the after and lets put them right next to each other, absolute transformation. Let’s look at another kitchen this was a great couple, the guy’s like a cowboy he was a great man and here we go here these are jobs done by ethical electrical. 

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