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Electrical Contractor – Ethical Electrical is licensed and bonded in the State of California.  Master Electrician Dominic Portesi have over 25 years of experience in the electrical trade. Services are always provided, efficiently with safety as our first priority.

Residential Electrician

Residential Electrical Ontario CA

Residential Electrical 

Ontario Electrician Dominic Portesi provides residential electrical repairs and new installation of home electrical products, such as ceiling lighting, recessed lighting, outdoor landscape lighting, whole house re-wiring, ceiling fans, smoke detectors,  switches and dimmers, light fixtures, GFCI outlets, electrical outlets, residential electrical panels, phone and internet cabling, appliance circuits, breakers and fuses. 

More services include: accent lighting, interior decorative lighting, fuse elimination, holiday lighting circuit additions, increase electrical safety in the home, kitchen counter top outlets, kitchen lighting, knob and tube wiring, lighting design and remodeling, lighting maintenance, Malibu lighting, motion sensor lighting, electrical panel tune up and, panel upgrades.

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Commercial Electrical Repairs

Commercial Electrical Repairs or New Installation

Commercial Electrical Repairs 

Dominic Portesi of Ethical Electrical is the Master Electrician.  He provides Commercial Electrical for the Ontario California Area.  Many of the most popular repairs or new installations include commercial recessed lighting, breakers and fuses, code corrections, conduit installation, control panel construction, control wiring, dedicated circuits, electrical prints of a building, electric meter service, relocation and upgrades of electric meters,  commercial electric dryers, commercial water heaters, commercial exhaust fan installation, commercial LED lights installed or repaired.

If your commercial business needs commercial lighting design, commercial lighting maintenance Ethical Electrical provides these services too.  For your commercial parking lot,  we can also provide Parking Lot Lighting.  No job is too large or too small.

Ethical Electrical Repair Service

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Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electrical Ontario CA

Industrial Electrician Repair 

Industrial Electrician Dominic Portesi of Ethical Electrical provides all forms of Industrial Electrical Repairs.  Many of these services include 120V and 220V circuits, 277V and 480V circuits, breakers and fuses replacement, Class 1 Div 2, Computer wiring, Cat6, Cat5, Code Corrections, Conduit Installation, Control panel Construction, Control Panel Repair, Electric Meter Service, Electric Meter Relocation, Electrical Lighting Repairs, Electrical Installation,  Electrical Panel Installation up to 3 Phrase, Industrial Energy Efficiency Lighting, Halogen, Sodium and Metal Halide Lighting Installation, High Voltage Wiring, and Industrial Lighting Maintenance.

Ethical Electrical provides a full range of Industrial Electrical Repairs and Electrical Improvements for the entire Ontario area.

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Humble In Business

Humble in Business –  Ethical Electrical 

Humble in Business – One of the things we believe in with our company is called being humble.  So we are reminded of this every time we finish a project with our customers. When they pay us we always say these words, thank you for putting food on our family’s table.  Because we know when it comes from and we know where it goes.  See Humbleness isn’t only remembering where we came from in the past, but it’s also remembering who got us there and whether it’s where we are now with the company or whether its the food on our table.  Our customers contribute to all of that.  So from a humble way I just want to say those who have had the pleasure of being able to serve, thank you for putting food on our family’s table.  Because we know where it came from and we know where it goes, we appreciate you being part of that and for those who are considering Ethical electrical, that’s the one thing you’re going to have to hear from us when you finally get around to using our service.  That’s going to be us appreciating you with the humbleness and telling you Thank You for putting food on our family’s table because we  know where it comes from, we know where it goes and we appreciate you being part of that.

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Recessed Lighting Ontario

Recessed Lighting Ontario CA 

Dominic Portesi give an excellent video about recessed lighting for your kitchen.  This is a must see video for all the technical aspects of designing recessed lighting. 

Dominic Portesi: Hello and welcome to Etherical Electrical where we believe in three principles, Honesty, Quality, and Value.  Our goal today is to give you an insight on kitchen recessed lighting so let’s get started. 

First I want to you to look at this little demonstration here.  Do you see the light bulb on the right hand side do you see the smaller one on the left hand side.  That one on the left is substantially smaller than one on the right. Although it would appear because the one on the left has grid lines above it, it makes it appear to be a lot smaller than what is now like right above the little light bulb.  You see the kitchen with the grid lines above head, but when they designed this in the 70’s and 80’s they didn’t take into the fact that grid lines make things shrink.  Make things look a lot smaller, let me prove this to you, read more…

Dominic Portesi

Dominic Portesi, Master Electrician

In this video Dominic Portesi discusses his companies policies and ethics. Describes what RJF means to him and his clients.

Serving the Ontario California area since 2004.  Ethical Electrical is a Southern California based company owned and operated by Dominic Portesi.  With over 25 years of experience in the electrical trade.  With plenty of experience to serve any type of Residential, Commercial or Industrial Customer. 

Residential Services include New Installation or Repairs.  Home Electrical Repairs, Home Accent Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Attic Fans Installation, Bathroom Lighting, Ceiling Fans Installation, Clothes Dryers Outlets, Code Corrections, Electric Dryer Power, Electric Water Heaters, Energy Efficient Lighting, Entry Lighting Installation, Exhaust Fan Installation, Fluorescent Ballast Changes, GFI Install or Repairs, Kitchen Counter Outlets, Kitchen Lighting, Low Voltage Lighting, Malibu Lighting, Motion Sensor Lighting, Panel Circuit Repairs and much more for your home. 

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